Rare Phonecards
Tunisia: Urmet phonecards

elephone cards had been introduced in Tunisia far in 1983: they were optical cards manufactured by Swiss company Landis & Gyr (picture on First Issues section) and they remained in use for several years. Then, in 1994, Italian firm Urmet offered their telephone system with magstripe cards. On that occasion, 2 cards were produced with a mintage of 5,000 each, one showing a street view, the other one advertising Telecom services.
But a translation mistake was made on both cards, and the cards were printed with the word TELEFONIQUE instead of TELEPHONIQUE. All cards were soon withdrawn and officially destroyed, but a small number of them (about 300)
Above left, the backs of the wrong cards: just 300 survived their destruction. At right, the correct ones, which were reprinted.
had been used for internal trials and survived destruction. Needless to say, these cards are now quite rare and valued and only a few of them reached collectors market. The cards were reprinted, the subjects and mintage were the same, but this time the wordings were correct!

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