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There's no charge to browse, bid on, buy or offer items for sale at Phonecards Auctions. But you do pay fees if you like to use some premium features which are available here, and you pay a 5% of the final price only if you sell your item.

Note - Fees pay for the right to sell an item(s) on Phonecards Auctions. You do not purchase any exclusive rights to a Web page on Phonecards Auctions.
Phonecards Auctions may, in our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you, place third party advertisements on any Web page within our site.

Once you register on Phonecards Auctions, an account will be opened automatically to you. Both fees for paid services used, and final fees for sold cards will be debited here, and here will be credited the payments you submit us. You can login your account history at any time by clicking the Account link at the top menu.

Optional features fees
Whenever you post an auction, you may choose to add to your listing some premium features, mostly to enhance the visibility of your item and increase the possibilities of selling it. Click here to read a full description of these optional features. These are not free, but a small fee is automately charged in your account, according to the table below. Optional features fees are never refundable.

Optional Features Fees (View description)
OptionsInsertion Fee
Picture Upload$ 0.20
Pictures Storage$ 15 monthly
Seller's Icon Logo$ 10 monthly
Bold Highlighted Listing$ 0.20
Featured Auction$ 0.45
Photo Gallery$ 0.95
Reserve Price$ 3.00

Final fees
At the end of a listing, you will be charged a 5% final fee based on the final sale price (closing bid) of your item, only if your item have been sold. There is no final fee charged if your item remains unsold or if the reserve is not met.
Final fees are not refundable and you will be charged a final fee whether or not you consummate the sale with the buyer.
You can ask for a refund only in the event that both you and Phonecards Auctions are unable to contact the buyer and/or to check his identity.

PA Money Transfer
If your account contains a positive amount, or if you have a credit card stored on file for automated monthly billing, you are allowed to use our PA Money Transfer utility. With this service, you can move a certain sum to another user's account in a fast, safe and easy way. If you are a buyer, you can use this utility to pay sellers for your wons, or, if you are a seller, you can ask to your customers to be paid in this way. However, please note that money transferred on your account cannot be withdrawn, but only used for paying fees or to buy cards at The Phonecard Shop. A 5% fee, calculated on total amount moved, is due for sending money, while the service is free for the receiver.

Payment and Invoicing Procedures
Invoicing occurs on the first day of each month and includes the previous month's account activity. An e-mail invoice is sent to you at that time.
You are responsible to pay any amount due, whether or not you receive the email invoice. You may check your account status at any time.
You are also responsible for paying on time. Payments are due on the last day of the month. Late fees may be applied, and your account may be suspended for non-payment.
At any time, you'll be able to view your account history logging in with your user name and password, or directly on your My Phonecards Auctions Page if you created it.

Credit Card on File
You can place your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or CartaSi) on your Phonecards Auctions account for regular monthly payment. This allows unlimited access to our services as long as Phonecards Auctions is able to authorize your card for each month's payment amount.
To place your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or CartaSi) on your Phonecards Auctions account, you just have to complete a safe and easy form. Credit card numbers are sent and stored encrypted and password-protected. With your credit card on file, you have instantly unlimited credit and you will be charged monthly for the previous month's invoice amount.
Click here to store your credit card on file.

One-Time Payment
This option allows you to pay your monthly invoice by cash, check or money order, or to request a one-time credit card payment. Without a credit card on file for automatic monthly billing, you will be prevented from posting new items whenever you owe more than $20.00.
Once your account balance reaches $-20.00, your account will be blocked until payment is received or a credit card is placed on file for regular monthly payment.
While placing a credit card on file causes an immediate automated un-blocking of your account, one-time credit card payment is received by e-mail and credited manually on your account. If you anticipate your monthly activity to exceed $20.00 and you wish not to place a credit card on file, it is recommended that you pre-pay your account accordingly to ensure uninterrupted service.
For a one time payment, Phonecards Auctions accepts credit card (Visa, MasterCard or CartaSi), Eurocheque, personal check, money order, and cash.

  • The online one-time credit card payment option is a quick and convenient way to make payments on your Phonecards Auctions account throughout the month if you do not want to place a credit card on file.
    Click here to make a one-time credit card payment.

  • If you wish to send payment by mail, send a check, money order or cash for the amount of your current balance, or over if you wish to pre-pay, along with a copy of your payment coupon. When making a one time payment by mail, please use the appropriate form to advise us so that we can keep a record and process the payment on your account as soon as we receive it. If we'll receive a payment back from your bank we'll erase this credit from your account. Due to high bank fees, personal checks and money orders are accepted only for amounts over $100.
    Click here to send a payment by mail.

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