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Phonecards Auctions is what is referred to as a "Person to Person" auction.
This means that after the end of an auction, Phonecards Auctions no longer takes part in the transaction between the buyer and the seller. We simply act as a venue to bring the two together. After the close of the auction, both the buyer and seller receive an e-mail informing them that the auction has been completed. This e-mail also contains the personal information of the winning bidder and the auction seller. It is now up to the two parties to close the deal. Below are some tips on how to make the transaction go smoothly.

Seller information
As the seller, you have a vested interest in completing the transaction with the buyer. Make sure you e-mail the buyer as soon as possible after the end of the auction (Please allow the buyer at least seven days to get back to you.). In the e-mail, it is best to repeat the item number and description. Make sure you inform the buyer of the kinds of payments you accept (check, money order, credit card, etc.) and how long you will hold the item after you receive the payment. It is also important that you tell the buyer how much the shipping will cost and how you will package the item. This will help the buyer decide if they want to pay an extra amount for insurance or express delivery. Don't forget to include your name and address so they know where to send your money. Give the buyer a couple of days to respond to you if you do not hear from them immediately. Some people cannot get to their e-mail every day. Below are some additional tried and true tips to make sure you get the most out of your selling experience. (These are just tips! You must make an individual decision based on your situation as to how you would like to conduct your sales.)
  • Your e-mail to the winning bidder should be sent as soon as possible after auction close and include:
    - Final Price
    - Shipping Costs
    - Payment Options
    - Time frame in which you expect payment
    - Mailing Address for Payment
    - A hyperlink to your feedback page (to encourage feedback).
  • Inform your buyer that if they send you a check, you will hold the item until after the check clears. A bouncing check can be embarrassing for both sides, and this tip will help minimize your losses. With money order payments it is generally safe to mail the item after you receive the payment.
  • Make sure you package the item well. If a buyer receives a poorly packaged item your feedback may suffer. On the other hand, a good packing job will impress the buyer and may entice them to leave you some very flattering feedback.
  • Double check your address before you send it to the buyer. This may sound rather silly but one can never be too cautious. It can save time and hassle for both you and the buyer if the payment is sent to the correct address.
  • Tell the buyer whether or not you have a return policy ahead of time. This could save you some headache down the road.
  • E-mail the buyer on the day that you receive their payment and the day that you send the item. This is just a little bit of common courtesy that will help ensure a satisfied buyer. Satisfied buyers a more likely to leave great feedback.
  • If you do not hear from the buyer within 7 days, or the high bidder backs out, the sale is then considered void and you may then relist the item. If this does happen to you, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of our Feedback Area to give the user a reputation that they deserve.
  • If you are pleased with the transaction, please take the time to leave some positive feedback on the buyer's account.

Buyer information
Sometimes there is nothing more thrilling than finding that special something and winning it in an auction. After the auction closes, you will receive an e-mail that includes the item number, headline, closing price, and the e-mail address of the seller. Once you receive this email, it's your responsability to contact the seller at your earliest possible convenience. Send the seller your name and address, and inform the seller of any special requirements you have regarding shipping. (Do you want the item insured, etc.?) Ask the seller what types of payment they accept. If you do not hear from the seller immediately, please remember that they may not be able to get to their e-mail every day. Once you receive the seller's information, try to be prompt about sending the payment. NEVER SEND CASH if not asked by the seller. Expect the entire transaction to take between 7 and 14 days. Below are some additional tried and true tips to make sure you get the most out of your buying experience (These are just tips! You must make an individual decision based on your situation as to how you would like to conduct your sales).
  • Promptly respond to the seller's E-mail. By merely sending off the payment you run the risk of the seller thinking you are a "deadbeat bidder"* and reposting the item after leaving you a negative feedback.
    *Deadbeat bidder = A person who fails to actually purchase the item after posting the winning bid on an auction.
  • If the seller does not accept credit cards, send a money order. This will speed up the process. Checks take up to 7 days to clear, and most sellers will not send an item until a personal check clears. Also, money orders come with insurance against theft and loss. Write your auction number(s) and item description(s) on the money order. This reduces the potential for confusion on the seller's part.
  • Double check your information before you send it to the seller.   Make sure your address is correct and that you have a check or money order to cover both the item and shipping charges. Include a copy of the seller's E-mail with your payment. This will simplify the task for high-volume sellers (who may receive several payments daily) allowing them to quickly process your order.
  • Inquire as to whether or not the seller has a return policy. This could come in handy if the item does not turn out to be what you expected.
  • Email the seller after you mail the payment and after you receive the item. Keeping the seller informed during the transaction may prompt them to leave some very flattering feedback on your account.
  • If you do not hear from the seller within 7 days from the day of the sale, the auction is considered void. We highly recommend that you leave feedback on the seller's account to inform other potential buyers.
  • Open and inspect your item as soon as it arrives. If there is a problem, inform the seller in an unemotional manner. Give the seller an opportunity to rectify the situation before leaving a negative feedback.
  • If you send payment to the seller but the item is never received (please allow at least 10 days), e-mail the seller to see if it has been sent. If you still do not receive the item, we recommend that you leave feedback on the sellers account and e-mail Phonecards Auctions to inform us of the situation. You may also consider contacting your local authorities if you wish to pursue the matter in the legal system.
  • If you are pleased with the transaction, please take the time to leave some positive feedback on the buyer's account.

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