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This auction is FREE but we do require that all sellers and buyers be registered. This enables our software to keep track of items for sale and who bids on what. It protects both us as auction providers and you as buyer and/or seller. Registration is simple and painless. Merely click on New Registration in the menu near the bottom of any auction page.

Often the items listed start at good prices and probably you'll want to bid on some of these great auction lots. To get a category list, open the pull-down menu at the top of any page. Select one of the categories you find interesting. This shows you a list of specific items. Click on the name of items you'd like more information about. If you wish to place a bid, enter your bid in the box below the item, then just click on the "place bid" button nearby. We suggest that a good strategy for items you really want is to place the highest bid you are willing to pay. Otherwise, someone may beat you out. This system accepts proxy or maxbid bids (see Proxy Bids below). Should someone outbid you, the system sends you an e-mail notification with a link back here to the item. Click on the link right in your e-mail message and you will be returned directly to the item. You can then decide whether you want to raise your bid.

Raising Bids
To raise your bid, just go down to the "place bid" input box below the item's description and enter your new, higher bid.

Reserve Price
Sometimes (and our system supports this) a seller enters a Reserve Price. For example, his rare item sells for $100. The seller could decide to place a starting bid of $1 on the item but he wants to get at least $80 for it. So a reserve price of $80 is entered into the system. In such a case--even if you are the high bidder at, say, $60--you will not win the item unless you go over $80. This strategy is not very popular among bidders, however could be useful, for example, if the seller is unsure of the value of his item and decides to give a try.

Secret Bidder
As a bidder, you have the possibility to keep your username undisclosed to other members. This option can be selected when placing a bid, simply checking the appropriate box. In this way, instead than the bidder's username, only a generic "A Bidder" will appear in Bid History, both in current and in closed auctions. This feature could be used, for example, if you would bid on a card against one of your friends, and you are afraid to offence him; or simply if you don't like that other users know what you're buying or how much you are spending. However, please note that both the seller of the auction and the site administrator are authorized to view the real username even if it is undisclosed.

Automatic E-Mail
The system automatically sends the buyer (highest bidder) and seller of the item e-mail when the auction ends. The buyer and seller then are responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal by payment and shipment. This auction merely offers a venue for buying and selling. We will not, and legally cannot, be held responsible in any way for any lack of performance by any and all parties. We simply provide a place that allows people to buy and sell. HOWEVER, do let us know of any problems. We can and will banish anyone who abuses our auction. Due to temporary problems in Internet mail servers, it could happen that sometimes you don't receive the end of auction confirmation e-mail. In this case, we suggest you to verify in your closed auctions directory, supplied with your free account.

Proxy Bids
There are several systems of "proxy" bids; i.e. the system bidding for you automatically. The system in the Phonecards Auctions software is called "MaxBid." Think of 'Max' as someone who stays and watches the auction 24 hours a day while you're off doing more interesting stuff. You activate 'Max' by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item into the "place bid" box. The system will then bid for you, bidding only enough to make you the high bidder. If someone tops that bid, good old 'Max' places another bid for you and so on up to the maximum amount you've specified. Under no circumstances will 'Max' ever bid MORE than you said. But the system will send you e-mail about an outbid and you can give 'Max' a few more bucks to play with, if you like. Just enter a higher bid amount.

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