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Each Phonecards Auctions user has a Feedback Profile that is made up of comments from other traders, like a sort of an official "reputation." This system works like a referral or a recommendation about a merchant in the town where you live. It is the best place for you to start when trading with a new person.

Your Feedback Profile tells the rest of the Phonecards Auctions community about you.

If you're a buyer, checking a seller's Feedback Profile before you make a bid is one of the smartest and safest moves you can make. This Feedback Profile answers many questions about how a seller does business. Is he highly recommended by other buyers? Does he sell quality merchandise?
You can check the seller's feedback rating by clicking on the number next to the their name, or from the Feedback Area.

If you're a seller, reviewing Feedback Profiles can be helpful, too. Find out if a buyer is known as a great customer who provides fast payment. Or you can also see what bidders are looking for in a good seller.

By acting in a professional manner when using Phonecards Auctions, you will earn positive comments that reflect your good trading habits. The more you trade and the better a trading partner you are, the higher your feedback will be over time.

Please Note: feedback cannot be erased. The feedback you give is permanent, so be sure to make only fair and appropriate comments.

Near every member's User ID you'll see a number in parentheses ( ). This number is the Feedback Rating. For example: Bill (125) means that a member's User ID is Bill with a total of 125 positive comments posted by other Phonecards Auctions members.

The Feedback Rating system is easy. You receive:

  • +1 point for each positive comment
  • 0 points for each neutral comment
  • -1 point for each negative comment
  • A star icon for 10 or more comments
Stars are awarded for achieving a particular Feedback Profile.

A "Yellow Star" (1st star) represents a Feedback Profile of 10 to 50.
A "Turquoise Star" (2nd star) represents a Feedback Profile of 51 to 100.
A "Purple Star" (3rd star) represents a Feedback Profile of 101 to 500.
A "Red Star" (4th star) represents a Feedback Profile of 501 to 1000.
A "Shooting Star" (5th star) represents a Feedback Profile of 1001 or higher.


Q. Does a high Feedback Rating mean that a Phonecards Auctions member has a great reputation?
A.Not necessarily. In most cases, a high Feedback Rating is good news, but you should always check a member's Feedback Profile for any negative remarks. It's best not to judge a user on his or her Feedback Rating alone.
Q. What type of feedback should I leave—positive or negative?
A.If you were treated well by a buyer or seller, reward him or her with a positive comment. If you were treated poorly, try to resolve the problem first by contacting the other person. Most problems can be corrected by improving communication between buyer and seller. If things are still not resolved, you may leave a negative comment.
Q. When and where should I leave feedback?
A.It's a good attitude to leave a feedback after the conclusion of a transaction. Your honest feedback shapes the Phonecards Auctions community and specifically impacts the success and behavior of other Phonecards Auctions members. Your voice counts!
To leave a feedback, just log into your My Phonecards Auctions Page, and enter your Closed Auctions area.
Q. Can any bidder leave feedback about a specific auction or just the winning bidder?
A.Only the seller and successful bidder can leave transaction-related feedback about a specific buy or sell transaction.
Q. Can I retract the feedback I left for someone?
A.No. It's a good idea to be thoughtful of what you say when it comes to leaving feedback.
Q. Can I have a feedback comment that someone left for me removed?
A.In most cases, feedback that is left for you by another Phonecards Auctions member cannot be removed. The Feedback Area provides members with the opportunity to briefly describe their trading experiences with one another. Because the feedback represents a member's opinion, we cannot edit these comments, nor can we legally investigate them for accuracy.
However, we have some basic rules to ensure that feedback isn't abused. We will remove feedback in a few limited situations, if we find that these rules have been broken.
Q. Can I leave feedback on a trade if the reserve was not met?
A.No. In this instance, you can leave buy or sell feedback only if there is a successful bid above the reserve.
Q. Can I leave a feedback for something not related to an auction?
A.No. You are allowed to leave a feedback only if it is related to an ended auction that occurred on Phonecards Auctions. Any other comment is strictly prohibited and could cause the suspension of your account.
Q. I left a negative feedback for someone and, in response, they left me a negative I didn't deserve. What can I do?
A.Receiving negative feedback is never a pleasant experience, especially if you feel it was undeserved. If the comment violates our policy on feedback, then you can ask to have it removed. However, a belief that a comment is untrue, undeserved, or left in retaliation, is not one of the criteria for removal. We can't remove the feedback based on these reasons because of two fundamental components of the Phonecards Auctions feedback system:
  • First, the system is a member-to-member system and all comments in the Feedback Area are based on each member's perception of the trading experience. Members are responsible for their own words.
  • Second, we cannot evaluate every feedback for accuracy or fairness. If we began to review and potentially remove feedback comments for these reasons, the removals would be based on our opinion. However, because we were not involved in the transaction, we are not able to form an accurate opinion about who is right and who is wrong.
  • We understand your concerns about retaliatory and undeserved negative feedback, and we suggest you to always write the truth about your experiences with other Phonecards Auctions members in the Collectors Forum.

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