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Selling merchandise on the Internet brings a totally different flavor to the typical merchant and consumer interaction. We've compiled some tips of the trade to make your selling experience a pleasant one. All sellers are encouraged to read Tips for Buyers.

Details, details, details
There is no such thing as too much information. Give the consumer as many details as possible in anticipation of any questions that he/she may have.
We highly recommend that you include all the details related to shipping the merchandise-- i.e. where the item is located, who will pay for shipping, estimated expenses, etc. If your policy is to hold personal checks for a period of time before shipping, state this in your description. If you auction off a lot of products, create a template and save it as text file. It'll save you time and give your auctions a consistent identity.

A picture is worth a thousand words
This old adage is very applicable in the internet auction business. Many potential bidders won't even look at your auction if there is no picture. "Seeing is believing" is putting it mildly. What better way to attract a buyer's attention than to display photographs of your item? That's why we have provided a place for you to upload your images if you have no web space of your own.

Boost bidding by enhancing your listing
Make your item standout by listing it in bold highlighted! Items in bold highlighted are 27% more likely to sell.
Use Featured Listing if you want to appear in Featured Item section and on top of each listing page in your category. Plus, your item may be selected at random for display in Main Page.
Add your picture in the Photo Gallery if you want it to appear in Photo Gallery section and on top of category page during the hottest moment, when auction is going to end. And if you list many items, consider to add your logo near your auctions for a prompt identification. Learn more about premium features.

Say what you mean and mean what you say
Online auctions involve a great deal of trust. In order to gain the trust of potential bidders, remove as much doubt and mystery as possible.
  • State how you want to be paid.
  • Publish your shipping and handling costs up front.
  • Clearly state your check acceptance policy.
  • If the item should be insured for shipping, state whether you'll pay the charges.
  • Promote your auctions
    Advise potential buyers writing to the mailing lists without spamming them and posting to appropriate newsgroups. Please review newsgroup rules before you post, some newsgroups do not allow advertisements. Promote your auctions through your personal website, using the supplied graphics to link to your page, or to your auctions page, or just to Phonecards Auctions. Get the codes and graphics here.

    Be corteous to other traders
    Being courteous and giving others the benefit of the doubt are essential elements for the Phonecards Auctions community. We ask that everyone treat other traders like you want to be treated and we can't help but to have a pleasant trading community. "Flaming" and profanity are not tolerated on this site.

    Contact the buyer
    After the auction closes, the system will e-mail the winning bidder and seller with contact information. Although you may contact the buyer immediately, we ask that all parties allow at least seven days to receive communication from the other trader. That's the time to confirm the final cost, including shipping charges, and to tell the buyer where to send the payment. Provide an alternate E-mail address for your your bidder to contact you in case technical problems prevent them from sending E-mails to your primary address. Print all the information about the transaction, making a note of the buyer's identification, the description of the item and the time, date and price of the bid. Print and save a copy of every e-mail you send and receive from Phonecards Auctions or successful bidder.

    Don't forget to use feedback
    The Feedback option has a dual purpose. Buyers can read the comments other buyers have entered about a seller; likewise, sellers can read the comments other sellers have placed about a buyer. We encourage all users to leave feedback about your trading experience. Please do not abuse the privilege of posting feedback about others.

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