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We supply several listing upgrades to maximize exposure and differentiate your items to get more attention. Read on to learn about these premium features, that you can select when posting new auctions.

Picture Upload
Pictures sell items, and we would suggest you to have one. You'll need a place on the web to put your picture, then link it to your item posting by entering the URL. Alternately, we offer you to upload your picture from your hard disk to our server for a small fee.
Please note that only JPG and GIF files are allowed, and they don't have to be over 50k.

Pictures Storage
If you don't have a place on the web to store your pictures, or if you are not satisfied with your actual place, or simply if you are not expert about managing a server, then our Picture Storage service is the right solution.
This service includes 20Mb of self-managed web space with unlimited bandwidth in a password-protected directory on our fast server, and a simple upload utility with file manager, that will allow you to upload, view, delete and include in auctions your images, all quite easily, even if you don't know anything about HTML, FTP, and other protocols. Contact Administration if you wish to activate this service.

Seller's Icon Logo
You would have noticed in items listings, that some auctions have a small logo near them. This icon identifies a professional seller operating seriously at Phonecards Auctions.
If you feel to be a qualified seller, then you may add this service which will place your logo near each of your auctions automately in all listings. Buyers prefer to bid on auctions by trustable professional sellers! Contact Administration if you wish to activate this service.

Boldface Highlighted Listing
You can put the title of your item in boldface highlighted text in the listing pages, for a great visibility. Bold-highlighted items attract potential buyers and increase the possibility of sale of your items!

Featured Auctions
This is a great promotion! Featured auctions appear in a special listing page, it doesn't matter which category they belong to, but not only: they are also displayed, highlighted, at the top of each listing page in their own category, and are displayed in main page too, on random rotation. The best choice for your important auctions.

Photo Gallery
In the Photo Gallery, people browse through small pictures of the listings, called thumbnails, so they can see items without clicking each title. The Photo Gallery displays also the actual bid and ending time for each item.
In addition to appearing in the Photo Gallery listing pages, eight items will be displayed in order of closing time at the top of the Category listing pages, and in New and Ending Auctions listings.

Reserve Price
If you use the reserve price option, you set a reserve price, which is the lowest price at which you are obligated to sell an item. Then when the auction begins, it will start at the minimum bid amount that you also choose. During a Reserve Price Auction, a will be displayed on the listing page next to the item's current price, so bidders know there's a reserve price, but not what it is. When a bidder's maximum bid is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the item's current price is raised to the reserve price. At this time, the item information will indicate that the reserve price has been met. The bidder is also notified that his or her bid met the reserve. In order to win the auction, a bidder must meet or exceed the reserve price and have the highest bid. If no bidders meet the reserve price, neither the seller nor the high bidder are under any further obligation to complete the transaction.

Additional OptionsInsertion Fee
Picture Upload$ 0.20
Pictures Storage$ 15 monthly
Seller's Icon Logo$ 10 monthly
Bold Highlighted Listing$ 0.20
Featured Auction$ 0.45
Photo Gallery$ 0.95
Reserve Price$ 3.00

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