Phonecards collecting

Phonecards Collecting

Phonecards are plastic cards usually with the size of a credit card, used to make telephone calls with public payphones. Due to the proliferation of cellular phones and other communication media, they are not used as widely today, but, starting at the beginning of the ’90 of past century they have become a hot collectible item such as stamps, coins and so on.

There has been a large variety of phonecards issued during the years, so many that you can even decide to specialize your collection. Some suggestions? One of the most popular speciality is to collect one phonecard for each Country and each different technology, but you may also decide to follow one of the several thematics according to the image printed on each card, or to collect only the first issues from each Country, and so on.

This site is full of informations about this fascinating hobby that will help you to grow your collection.

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