Maldives, 1987

The Maldivian telecom is the Dhiraagu that was founded in 1988, but until then the telephone service was provided by Cable & Wireless. A trial with cards provided by Autelca was conducted at the end of the 80s, but the results were not optimal and the system was not adopted, so much so that many of the printed cards were unsold and ended up in the collecting market. Two sets of three cards were prepared, the first of which reported values in US dollars: $ 25 (5,000 print runs), $ 50 (2,177) and $ 100 (1,000). The second series instead had values in local currency (Rufiyaa of the Maldives): Rf.250 (2.000), Rf.500 (1.052) and Rf.1.000 (1.060). A few years later, the GPT’s magnetic system was installed.