Thematic collections

Many phonecards, both national and international, depending on the topics they represent, exert a considerable fascination on some people who will be brought to collect them to be able to make a story, a documentation, a study of the favorite theme. This kind of collection is called “thematic”, precisely from the type of theme chosen: religion, history, art, painting, archeology, astrology, cinema, and the most widespread, airplanes, ships, cars, trains, flowers, animals.
In order to start such a collection it will be necessary to have a minimum knowledge of the subject or a strong tendency for the same. It will be necessary to make a historical introduction, a description of the most classical examples, a subdivision by topics, a description of each element collected.

Let’s take an example. If you collect “SHIPS”: brief history of sailing from tree trunk to canoe, rowboats, sailboats; ships of the sailing age and all the subdivisions based on the trees, the shape of the hull, their use; coal ships, shuttlecocks, atomic propulsion ships and so on with all the subdivisions: civilians, freight, military, etc. If you decide for the “AIRPLANES” theme: the flight of the birds, the intuition of Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers, the first experiences, the biplanes, the airships, the seaplanes, the propeller or piston aircraft, turbo, jet, with all the subdivisions in civilians, transport and military with various attitudes to employment: hunting, attack , bomber, transport, electronic search, airlines, airports, etc.

We could go on with all the subjects, but we believe we have made a good understanding of how the various themes can be carried out. Once the collection is launched, the excitement and joy that gives us the discovery of a new “piece” is immense, we would be willing to look for it at the end of the world. A well-structured thematic collection, carried out with method, is a great satisfaction for oneself and a source of admiration and appreciation when it is shown to other collectors, even during an exhibition.