British Virgin Islands, 1989

The British Virgin Islands are a British overseas territory and are part of the Virgin Islands volcanic archipelago in the Antilles Sea, divided between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. They include four main islands and numerous smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. The first phone cards used were provided by Cable & Wireless and produced by GPT, all with the same image of one of the islands (Peter’s Island) and with a deep notch. Four US dollar values were issued: US $ 2 (1CBVA code, 1,000 printed), US $ 5 (1CBVB, 20,000), US $ 10 (1CBVC, 10,000) and US $ 20 (1CBVD, 10,000). The lowest value was included in the collector’s pack “Leewards Islands” which contained 6 cards, one for each island that used the GPT / Cable & Wireless system. The US $ 5 value was reprinted the following year, but with 2CBVB code and shallow notch.