Montserrat, 1989

A series of 4 values with the same image, produced by GPT, was the first issue of this Caribbean island, a British overseas territory. The four cards have the deep notch and values of EC $ 5.40 (1CMTA code, unknown run), EC $ 10 (1CMTB, 9,500), EC $ 20 (1CMTC, 3,500) and EC $ 40 (1CMTD, 2,000). Due to Hurricane Hugo, which hit the island violently in September 1989, most of the cards of the first series were destroyed or dispersed, so the following year the series of cards was reissued, but with small notch and codes that started with 2CMT. The EC $ 5.40 card, with code 2CMTA, was inserted in the Cable & Wireless collectors pack of the West Indies cards (Leeward Islands)