Dominica, 1989

As with many other Caribbean islands, the first cards used were supplied by GPT, and included a series of four with the same image and values of EC $ 5.40 (code 1CDMA), EC $ 10 (1CDMB, circulation of  5,500), EC $ 20 ( 1CDMC, circulation of 3,130), EC $ 40 (1CDMD, circulation 899). All the cards in the series were produced with a deep notch, but there is a little mystery related to the EC $ 5.40 card: it seems that the whole run of a thousand copies had been destroyed, perhaps because it was faulty. The card was then reprinted for inclusion in the collector’s pack “Windward Islands”, but these cards had the code 2CDMA and the shallow notch. Of the card with 1CDMA code and deep notch there seems to exist only one specimen, perhaps the only one escaped destruction. The following year, the value from EC $ 10 was also reprinted, with a shallow notch, 2CDMB code and a circulation of 3,000 copies.