Denmark, 1982

In addition to the national telephone company, KTAS (which later became Tele Danmark), in Denmark there were several regional telephone companies, each of which issued their own cards before being absorbed by Tele Danmark. Manufactured by Landis & Gyr, the first cards used by KTAS were optical. Two types were issued, one of which had 120 units (with 100,000 circulation), and one complimentary (15,000 run), as well as a test and a service card; however, the two public cards did not indicate any facial value and are very similar. The complimentary card is distinguished by the presence of an asterisk after the writing and was reprinted in 1993 with the same print run. The Landis & Gyr were only used for a short period, in fact since 1986 the magnetic cards supplied by GPT were used; later they began to test the magnetic card system made by De La Rue Card Technology, used from 1991 to 1994 and in turn replaced by the chip system.