North Macedonia, 1995

North Macedonia is a state of the Balkan peninsula in south-eastern Europe, born in 1991, when it separated peacefully from Yugoslavia, taking the name of the Republic of Macedonia or FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Since then the country was involved in a long-standing dispute with Greece precisely because of the official name of the state, which ended only in June 2018 with an agreement thanks to which in 2019 the official name became the current name of North Macedonia.

Public card telephony became operational in 1995, and two chip cards were issued for the occasion, one of 100 units and one of 200, with print runs of 65,000 and 25,000 respectively.
Both were reprinted the following year, however the two issues can be easily distinguished from the back of the card: the first edition in fact reports the instructions for use divided into eight points, while only seven points are present in the second issue.