Yugoslavia, 1989

The first trials of a card-based telephone system began in 1985, using magnetic cards supplied by the Swiss Autelca. The cards were the standard testcards, with the codes formed by the letter “D” followed by “2000” or “4000” and then 5 digits. However, it seems that other codes printed on the testcards have also been used. Following the trial, in 1989 the first public series was issued: 3 cards, with values of 10,000 D. (circulation 10,000), 20,000 D. (15,000) and 40,000 D. (12,500). The facial values were expressed in dinars (the local currency at the time). The Autelca cards continued to be issued, even during the civil war, when Yugoslavia was falling apart. In 1992 Slovenia, which became independent, temporarily used the overprinted Yugoslav cards.

Phonecards - Yugoslavia 1989

Map of Yugoslavia