Ireland, 1988

The trial of phonecards in Ireland first started in Dublin on the 23 April 1988 with the installation of 36 Plessey telephones. Cards with 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 units were supplied by GPT, and all but the 5 unit card were put on sale. The 5 unit cards were given away as complimentary cards to potential customers to make them aware of the new system. The printings were: 4,200 for the 5 units with code 1IREA, 8,000 for the 10 units 1IREB, 11,000 the 20 units 1IREC, 2,600 the 50 units 1IRED, and 800 the 100 units 1IREE. All cards were later re-issued: 5 units with code 2IREA, 10 units with codes 2IREB, 3IREB and 4IREB, 20 units with codes 2IREC, 3IREC and 4IREC, 50 units with codes 2IRED, 3IRED and 4IRED, and 100 units with codes 2IREE and 3IREE.
Other trials started in 1989 using Autelca cards in the town of Limerick, and Landis & Gyr cards in the town of Galway; then, in 1990, chip cardphones were definitely installed.

Phonecards - Ireland 1988